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Houtimport by Hesytech bvba

Corimex Houtimport is located in Meer (Hoogstraten), and is easily accessible via a dense network of motorways.

The specialty of Corimex Houtimport is the import – trading and export of Tropical Hardwood and sheet material from South America.

The extensive stock of approximately 25,000 m3 of sawn timber and board material is stored in our warehouse in Meer (Hoogstraten) and in the port of Antwerp.

Corimex also has its own sawmill in Bolivia, Indumadera S.r.l. where in-house, mainly sheet material is produced.

Corimex Houtimport wants to be the most sustainable in Europe in terms of tropical hardwood and board material. We want to achieve this in an ecologically responsible way in perfect harmony with our customers, suppliers and environment.

Sustainable nature management has been an integral part of our strategy right from the start. The wood comes from responsibly managed forests (FSC®). The various certificates: PEFC, OLB, VLO, VLC, SGS TLTV guarantee sustainable forest management.

Sustainable entrepreneurship is a process whereby companies voluntarily strive for improvement on a business and social level by integrating social, environmental and economic considerations in a balanced and coherent way in business and company policy.

With a healthy KMO- spirit, we continue to build on years of trust and service.

Ships are regularly loaded in Bolivia, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador, which take the timber to the Antwerp ports. As a result, we permanently have a large stock of wood species that are stored in both Meer and in Antwerp.

The large stock, stored in our warehouse in Meer (Hoogstraten) and in the port of Antwerp, can satisfy every order. Our wood is stored in the best possible conditions to guarantee quality.

Main department Belgium

Riyadhstraat 16, 2321 Meer (Hoogstraten), België
0032 – 491 14 20 99

Department Bolivia

Av. Internacional y G 77 Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
+591 784 005 97